Glaucoma in children

Unfortunately children may suffer from glaucoma. This may be congenital or secondary to trauma, inflammation or in combination with congenital cataracts, aphakia, aniridia e.t.c.

Peadiatric glaucomas are very rare, and their urgent management is essential for the final visual prognosis.

Glaucoma assessment in children includes the same tests as with adults.

However, in younger age, before the age of 4 years, mild anesthesia may be necessary to obtain correct results, as these children may not be cooperative.

Pediatric glaucoma needs a multidisciplinary approach.

Correct family and school boarding improves children psychology and performance.

Medical treatment in pediatric glaucoma is less effective, and surgery is earlier needed.

Since congenital glaucoma is hereditary, genetic counseling before further pregnancy is necessary.

Please ask us about early detection and treatment of glaucoma